About Us

Making Everyday Better

Who are we?

Das3D is a technology-driven retailer based in Latvia, situated by the stunning Baltic Sea. Our journey commenced in 2017 as a company specializing in offering 3D modeling and 3D printing services to businesses. However, our ultimate goal is to venture further, delivering outstanding designs accessible to everyone.

What do we value?

We are dedicated to contributing our share to enhance the quality of life for our clients and everyone’s environment. We provide high-quality, great value, and affordable solutions with our products. We do our part to make your day better.

Sustainability & Efficiency

From our perspective, embracing Sustainability as a core company value means taking deliberate steps to ensure our operations and decisions contribute positively to the environment and society. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, adopting eco-conscious practices, and championing responsible sourcing. By prioritizing Sustainability, we aim to create a lasting impact that benefits both current and future generations.

As we hold Efficiency close to our hearts, we constantly strive to optimize every facet of our work. We value streamlined processes, innovative solutions, and resourceful strategies. By being efficient, we not only enhance our productivity but also ensure that we make the most of our resources, allowing us to deliver exceptional results and remain agile in a dynamic business landscape.


From our standpoint, Adaptability is a cornerstone of our company’s foundation. We thrive on the ability to flex and evolve in response to an ever-changing landscape. Embracing this value means we’re ready to embrace new technologies, market shifts, and unexpected challenges.

We understand that staying rigid can hinder progress, which is why we’re committed to being agile and open-minded. We actively seek out innovative solutions, pivot when necessary, and approach change with enthusiasm. By valuing adaptability, we empower our team to navigate uncertainties with confidence, ensuring that we not only survive but also thrive in dynamic environments.

Positive Impact

Positive Impact is more than just a value – it’s a guiding principle that fuels our every action. We are deeply committed to leaving a meaningful and lasting imprint on the world around us. Our endeavors are driven by the intention to create change that uplifts individuals, communities, and the environment.

Embracing positive impact means that every decision we make, every product we create, and every initiative we undertake is carefully designed to contribute positively. We measure our success not only in financial terms but also by the improvements we bring to people’s lives and the world at large. With this value at our core, we’re dedicated to being a force for good, making a difference that echoes far beyond our business.